Anti - Bullying


Here are some brief tips to follow if you are worried about being bullied via your phone or on the internet. Things you can do to stay safe from bullying via the internet/mobile phone:

  • Keep a record (including time and date) – this may help in finding out who is sending the messages; you can keep a screen shot of messages on your computer or save messages on your phone – keep them in a separate folder.

  • Don’t reply – the situation may get worse if you reply to any bullying messages. By replying the bully gets what he or she wants…a reaction. Often, if you don’t reply the bully will leave you alone.

  • Tell someone – please do talk to someone you trust, a parent, friend, or someone in your Club – your Club Children’s Officer will always listen. • Contact your mobile phone or internet service provider and report what is happening – they can help you block messages or calls from certain senders.

  • Ask for help and support if messages are threatening or serious – if the cyber-bullying becomes threatening tell your parents and you can seek support from services in your area for example the PSNI.

  • Change your contact details – it will help to get a new user name for the internet, a new email account, a new mobile phone number and ensure you only give them out to your closest friends.

  • Keep your username and passwords private – make sure you keep your personal information private so it becomes less likely that someone will misuse it or pretend they are you.

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