Safeguarding Young People


Welcome to the child welfare section of our website. Our aim here is to help, you, our members make aquatic activities safe for young people whilst encouraging these young members to reach their potential in their chosen sport. One of the attractions of swimming is that it is a sport that everyone, young and old, can take part in for fun; you can also improve your skills or even compete at different levels in our competitive club.


Protecting our young members is the first priority for LASC – and to achieve this we have appropriate policies and procedures to guide parents / guardians and other adults involved in our activities in setting up and maintaining the right environment to allow young people to flourish.


It is also important that our young members know what to expect from their club or activity. One of the basic policies for all members is the Code of Conduct. 



LASC has appointed a Children’s Officer and a Designated Person. These roles are predominantly involved in creating and maintaining a child-centred environment for young people, with the Club Children’s Officer being a face that young people recognise and know will listen to their views.


Children's Officer : Paula Morgan : 07779 267 470


Designated Person: Charmaine Anderson : 07919 235 214



For further help or advice contact the Club Children’s Officer  as listed above or on the club notice board.





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